Fused By Defiance Has a Message to Spread

Fused By Defiance

You know that action scene where the bad guys are getting some major butt-kickage? That’s where you’d hear Fused By Defiance’s, “Hollywood Hold Up.” The hard rock sound is reminiscent of the age of rock’n’roll and a talented addition to the new wave of metal rap springing up. 

If their name didn’t give you a hint of the message they hope to relay to fans, their music will. Energy comes naturally to them, which can be seen in their new video for “Paint It Red” on YouTube. Lyrics from songs, such as their newly released video, make the listener think about pivotal choices in the world, delve in and enjoy some killer sound while they’re at it. “Paint It Red” calls on our ability to take a stand against endless fighting, challenging us to sit idly by while the world is destroyed by human error. “Our strongest weapon is to make some noise,” is a lyric in the song that describes their message in its entirety as a music group.

While they have history opening for more popular bands such as Puddle of Mudd, it’s my prediction that it won’t be long until they’re at the top of the charts themselves. Their music has the rage against the machine vibe for the rebellious youth, but it’s also something for older generations who grew up in the time of hair metal to enjoy.

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