Gareth Dunlop

Gareth Dunlop

I never heard a singer whose songs caused me to tap my foot and smile, then slump my shoulders as my head droops and several tears splash onto my jeans. That is, until I listened to Gareth Dunlop. An artist and songwriter from Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, Dunlop has created a medley of songs in both the folk and soul genre. Several of his tracks have made their way onto popular shows, such as House, One Tree Hill, and Switched at Birth. He has an amazing, soothing voice that will touch anyone who listens to his melodies. 

There were several songs of his that caught my interest. One example was “Firefly,” a song with amazing lyrics, such as its chorus, “I wanna be your firefly/And shoot the moon in the eye/I’ll then make it feel all right/We can sort it out and somehow do right.” The song isn’t completely upbeat, but it’s the kind you can hum all day with a smile. However, if you’re looking for a sadder song, then try “Despair.” Lines like “All the things I do with time/To keep those thoughts/From creeping in my mind/But they always get through” are so powerful and can make anyone cry. 

It’s incredible how Dunlop has such control over his listeners’ emotions, but I know it’s hard for anyone to admit something like a song made them cry. Even if the music touches your soul, you just can’t bring yourself to say, “I bawled.” Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. However, it’s time to get over that. I’ll admit some of Gareth Dunlop’s songs caused a waterfall to pour from my tear ducts, but they weren’t all tears of sadness. Some were full of joy. I don’t regret either kind of tears and neither will you.

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  1. Cathy Walker says:

    I agree totally that Gareth Dunlop has an amazing vocal ability and haunting vocals. Everyone should have Gareth Dunlop in their record collection.

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