Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten

The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten

“Handwritten” starts off strongly with “45.” It’s a pure rock ‘n’ roll song without reminiscing too much on yesteryear. Singer Brian Fallon hasn’t lost his classic Bruce Springsteen-esque vocals, but the overall sound isn’t out dated or awkward. The Gaslight Anthem has managed to update that sound and for this fourth studio album. Really, “Handwritten” is an anthem album. (Appropriate for the band name, eh?) We’ve got one rock anthem after another without so much repetition that it’s redundant.

“I think these songs are the closest thing to what we should have always sounded like. We just hadn’t figured out yet how to play it right,” guitarist Alex Rosamilia said about the album.

Songs like “Too Much Blood” sound grungier than the other songs, but, again, it’s a salute or tribute to the grunge sound.

Could this be what will be known as the classic Gaslight Anthem sound? Probably. We’ll find out in their next albums, unless they feel like  mixing it up again. Which could be a great thing if it’s done as well as “Handwritten.”


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