Gasmilk – “Slow”


“Slow” is a dance pop anthem. It sounds huge and cinematic, even though the chorus has some ’90s Nickelodeon channel show sounds in the background (not complaining at all). 

With the quality of voice that singer Brian Lee White shows us in “Slow,” he kind of reminds me of Bastille‘s Dan Smith. Then, with the dance pop beat and electronic instrumentation and loops, the overall effect is if Bastille met CHVRCHES and had this little dance pop baby.

What’s clear is White‘s ear for song structure. There’s the usual verse/chorus with a bridge thrown in structure, but there are a lot of extras that keep the song active. You won’t get bored listening to “Slow.” The instrumentation changes a little, there are a couple of extra vocals thrown in, but it’s all meticulously placed. This song is worth a listen to based on the structure alone.

Check it out here.

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