Georgia Sound – “Love Can Change”


The masterminds behind Georgia Sound, Ryan Roy and Shannon Magee, have emotion driven vocals and lyrics paired with guitars and piano lines that bring just enough pop to those words. There’s a fine (weird) line for folk music. One too many banjos and suddenly it becomes country – no, hillbilly – music and for many, all interest is lost. There’s the folk-pop line as well. So, without counting banjos, how do you define folk?

Is it storytelling? Is it just a little twang, but not too much? I think it’s the feeling. Folk has the same emotional pull that country gives us, but doesn’t necessarily have a Southern twang singing at us. Calgary, Alberta’s folk-pop duo Georgia Sound is that definition.

Without a doubt, piano and guitar were meant to be together. The two stringed instruments harmonize and and blend so well together, yet each has a distinct, original sound. Coincidentally (or maybe not so much coincidentally as working hard and practicing all the damn time), the same can be said of Roy and Magee. Roy’s vocals are emotive, gentle and graceful – almost mimicking the guitar sounds he also produces. Magee’s vocals are soft, never irritatingly breathy, but pass off a sense of urgency in perfect harmony. She’s even got a hint of The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan’s grit, which the world needs more of anyway.

So, if you like the emotion and creativity of folk music, but still need the sing alongability that pop provides, Georgia Sound is your band. Check them out below:

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