London has been the birthplace of numerous well known acts that take a genre and spin it on its head; Gillbanks is one of those artists. 

The rock outfit takes traditional instrument styles and welcomes you into the familiar sound, then hits you with something else you weren’t expecting. The track “Anxious?” starts off with just a guitar and vocals reminiscent of reggae from the Bob Marley days. Then the song shakes you out of the trance with crash cymbals, amped up guitars and vocals that sound like they’re being sung  through a box fan before going right back to the melodic chords. 

The tune really picks up when the drums come back in halfway through the second verse to make this track sound like Led Zeppelin’s more subdued side before jumping right back into the crash cymbals and the box fan. 

Gillbanks’ other track, “Loosen Up,” has an upbeat tempo with double sticking hi-hats and a groovy bass line interlaced with spacey guitar chords. It’s a really mellow song and picks up the pace in the second half as well, like “Anxious?.” 

Overall Gillbanks has a sound that’s both familiar but welcome. It makes for really good nighttime driving music as well as something that breaks the monotony of other artists in their chill rock spliced with retro vibes.

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