I dare you not to dance.

“Addictable” by Giulia is a recent addition to the female pop revolution, and its infectious sound hypnotizes you, bringing you to your feet by the first chorus. This hidden gem is the latest in this Italian singer’s journey to stardom, and an instant love of mine.

Although I hadn’t heard of Giulia before, this recently added track to her album “Raze Me To The Ground” fills you with the desire to dance until you drop even after listening to the song. If you you need a party playlist addition to pregame your way to an epic night, this is it.

Catch the ride and hold on tight, as her single states, when you grab this song for a night on the town.

One of our locals – Nashville writer/producer, Don Mescall – heard the album, instantly fell in love with Giulia’s sound and immediately offered to add his production wizardry. Musical magic was born, according to a press release. Giulia’s style consists of country/rock with a twist of pop, bringing together the multiple genres and fans from all walks of life.

Go ahead, give it a try. Like I said, try not to dance.

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