Gloria Kim – Pursue Her

Pursue Her - Gloria Kim

Singer song-writer Gloria Kim’s second single, “Pursue Her” is a deep and haunting song with strong piano chords that build into an ever developing beat of guitar and bass. 

The dance grooves and upbeat production of Kim’s debut single, “Oh, Honey” are absent from her latest single. Instead Kim chooses to show off her more emotional side with crooning vocals over a resounding piano for the song’s first half.  If “Oh, Honey” was an introduction to Kim’s fun loving and quirkier side, “Pursue Her” is like an open letter to the listener that shows she not only has the pipes for belting out some chilling harmonies, but also has the pen to write some heartbreaking lyrics. 

“I say it’s not over, but we both know better. If only you knew, if only you knew, the damage you had on me,” Kim hums over the first few bars. 

Despite the track being more of a poem set to music, the pacing never feels slow. Even in the first half where the song is made up of mostly vocals and piano, there are little strums of acoustic guitar and an echo effect of Kim’s voice that makes it sound like this was recorded in a concert hall. By the end of the song, you almost forget that it began so slowly with the layers that are stacked into it. 

“Pursue Her” shows a more sensitive side to Kim’s music, but more than that it also shows she can produce more than catchy pop songs. With at least three more singles left to release in 2015, Kim has made herself an artist to watch.

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    Great article! I love Gloria Kim!!!

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