Good Charlotte – Cardiology

Good Charlotte’s Cardiology will hit U.S. stores Nov. 2. Lucky for me, I have my hands on a copy that may/may not be the final mix. I’m pretty sure it is, for the most part.

Anyway, what I have, I like a whole lot. I explained it to Jerod like this: If GC’s debut and Good Morning Revival had a love child, Cardiologywould be it. I think it will be an album for older and newer fans.

It holds as much spirit as the self-titled debut, and it is as catchy asRevival. Take the term “catchy” very lightly, though. I think this album could get some successful radio play. If you like well-written and produced pop/rock, you might possibly want to check it out. (I realize that it’s not really cool to like GC anymore, but I pledged my allegiance to them a long time ago and do not intend to stray from that any time soon.)

One thing is certain. It is not Greatest Remixes. I wouldn’t believe it if someone other than the Maddens actually claimed to enjoy that album. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and all, but it’s not the Good Charlotte that I enjoy.)

I don’t know if I can legally release track names or samples, so I will refrain. I will say that if you enjoy “Like It’s Her Birthday,” you will probably love the rest of the album, too. Again, take “catchy” very lightly, but it’s a great album to sing along to in the car….. or at home writing album reviews.

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