Good Charlotte Is Back and I Need a Moment

Good Charlotte

In case you hadn’t heard (but you have heard because you don’t live under a rock), Good Charlotte is making a return. They released their newest song “Makeshift Love” with a lyric video and an actual music video (not that lyric videos aren’t legit; I’d just rather see their smiling faces).  

As a special tribute to the Troubadour/GC relationship, they’re on the Troubadour’s bill later this week on Nov. 19 for a one-night, hopefully 8-hour (just kidding) (kind of), show. Then, because the tour gods heard our prayers, they were announced as support for the upcoming All Time Low UK tour.

All of this news surfaced suddenly and quickly, and I need a minute to process because I was halfway in denial about their hiatus in the first place (per the following conversation I had with my mom before the #WelcomeBackGC gift):

“What’s Good Charlotte up to these days? Are they still around?”
“Technically, but Benji and Joel are mostly doing their own kind of thing.”
“So, they’re on a break?”
“Yeah, but we don’t talk about that.” 

I’m finally in a place where I can talk about that, so here we go.

The new song is quintessential Good Charlotte. With lyrics like, It’s only makeshift love tonight/There’s a triage in my living room/She’ll check my vital signs/Then open up my wounds, we’re getting a taste of some earlier GC – like “Young and Hopeless” with flakes of “Cardiology.” I was 100 percent on board when I head the first “whoa” and “ooooh.” 

Another reason to be excited is because “Makeshift Love” is a Feldy production. John Feldmann has worked with everyone as a writer, mixer, engineer, producer and/or just hanging out to let everyone bask in his glory: GC, The Used, Goldfinger, MEST and Story of the Year, but the list goes on forever.

The video features the guys of GC (plus Feldy!) as employees for BRK APP, an application that hand delivers bad news from a professional. The most notable appearance of this video is Benji Madden, who dons a wig for no apparent reason other than the fact that it’s hilarious. It’s full of cheesy smiles, the previously mentioned wig and a lot of lovin’ from Feldy.

Check out the video below to hear “Makeshift Love.” I’ll be playing it on repeat until I see it live at the Troubadour. Feel free to discuss your feelings about Benji’s wig (which I also hope to see at the Troubadour show).

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    I can feel your excitement!

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