Goodbye Playlist


It seems like most people don’t value music as much as they did in the past. They act like they don’t need it or like they don’t care about it. A large part of that mentality is due to how easily accessible music is these days. If you want music, you can just reach out and get it without making any effort or spending any money. But, music is important because it heals you in ways that a doctor never could. It was always the first thing I would run to if I was upset, my medicine of choice. Listening to song written about the same emotions I was going through helped to validate my feelings. It’s something we all need, but it’s taken so for granted that we don’t know we need it until it’s not there anymore.

When I first realized that I had earned a writing gig with Creative Control more than 15 months ago, I was so nervous and excited. It felt like I had finally made it. I got to go around telling everyone that “I write for a magazine.” It’s something that felt good.

But, I’ve had the chance to do more than just magazine writing during my time here. I’ve gained a ton of experience. While it may seem insignificant or “just a blog” to some people, writing for this publication has allowed me to make a small stamp on the music industry. I’ve always wanted to work with musicians and earn their respect and admiration and I know now that I’ve done that since starting at Creative Control. It’s a feeling that’s priceless.

I owe a big thank you to Geneva Toddy for giving a person with so little experience a chance to show what he can do. You opened the door to me during a time when no one else would and I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.

To all the songwriters and musicians out there, keep doing your thing. You are Gods among regular men and women and never let anyone tell you any different.

I was hoping that Creative Control would grow and lead to bigger things. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, but I’ll bet there are a few of our readers that will miss it. Which brings me back to my point: you never fully appreciate something until it’s gone.

With that being said, I leave you with a playlist. Just a few songs that have helped me cope with life. That’s why I love music. I don’t know how I would get by without it.

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  1. Sally says:

    Know that people who love music will always love music. You are correct in that access to music is so easy these days. I have enjoyed your writings and wish you the best with your future music endeavors!

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