Green Day – “Oh Love” Video

Green Day - Oh Love

You’ve probably seen all the hype and super promotion behind Green Day’s new albums ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!. “Oh Love” is the first single from  ¡Uno! and a video has been unleashed. In it, the guys are playing in a small space for a bunch of less than interested, scantily-clad models. One by one, the guys begin to play their instruments and eventually the models are into it. They’re into it enough to start revealing even more of their bodies (sex sells). It’s typical and expected for a rock video to have naked chicks – other than that, it’s just the band playing.

The video is underwhelming. The song is more classic Green Day, taking a step back from the massive production that was American Idiot, but still good because, hey, who hates classic Green Day?

“The first record is getting the party started, the second record is the party happening and the depths of hell in the party, and the third one is trying to pick up the pieces, self-reflection and the hangover,” Billie Joe Armstrong said with Billboard about the album trio.

That being said, maybe that’s why the “Oh Love” video is kind of meh. It’s possible that the fun and excitement come with ¡Dos! where the party is running at full blast. Then, the finale comes with ¡Tré! winding down and tying up the story.

That’s what I’m hoping will be the case, anyway. Check it out for yourselves:

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