Greyhaven – Brother


It’s all too typical for a person to immediately think of the dark and macabre when he or she hears about “heavy music.” This is an understandable reaction. From the earliest days the heavy genres have appealed to our fears just like any good horror movie. Even so, there are so many subgenres of metal these days that it would be ridiculous for someone to label the lot of them as “evil” or “devil music.”

Greyhaven is a band that, in my opinion, cannot be labeled into such a negative stereotype. Yes, it’s heavy. Hell, it’s brutal. But it’s also clean, melodic, precise, and uplifting. The London five piece will be releasing a video for the track Brother later this month, which makes it the second video from the group’s second EP State of Mind.


Brother begins with the strumming of an acoustic guitar with some awesome reverb, an acoustic with great acoustics. Once the drums kick off the electric guitars blast the eardrums. This song—along with the other tracks on the EP—is overwhelmingly loud. It was unbearable to listen to with headphones at more than half volume. Musically, what we have here is a blend of pop and metalcore. The hard-hitting string section is topped with a clean-singing British vocalist who belts out some heavenly notes in the prechorus. He hits some deep and guttural growls in the second verse and the riffs get a bit meaner, but none of that takes away from the feel-good disposition.

I can’t imagine anything morbid about the upcoming video. Of course, that’s only speculation. What I can envision is a live performance mixed with clips of the band joking and playing around as well as images of fans in the mosh pit.


Open your mind and open your ears and forget any preconceived notions concerning this kind of music. Because it doesn’t align with the common perceptions of the genre—the nature of it is much more positive.

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