Heavy Static – An Evil That Hides

Heavy Static

After listening to it, what stands out most is not the music or the lyrics, but its initially misleading title. An Evil That Hides by Heavy Static implied that I would hear a downright morbid tune. My inner Goth was disappointed when a playful glam-rock song hit my eardrums after pressing the play button.

An Evil That Hides is the second single from the second EP, Here Comes The Fear due out July 22, with an early debut by PureVolume on July 18. According to an interview with Black on The Canvas, the first EP deals with the concept of the difficulties of moving on with life after the end of a relationship. Armed with inspiration from groups such as The Darkness (which is another band that deceives listeners with titles), David Bowie, and Iron Maiden, this Toronto-based trio returns to deliver more.

On the new single, only a light distortion exists whereas some of the songs on the older EP feature slightly more overdriven guitars. During the verse, the guitar drops out leaving the rhythm section to fly solo. The pop bass line is catchy enough on its own to be the hook of the tune with nothing more than a few notes in each measure. Falsetto vocals only brighten the already chipper mood of the soundtrack. If you want to find anything dark, you’ll have to listen closely to the lyrics. “In my head there is an evil that hides. I tried so hard to fight it. There’s so much blood on my hands. I’m so, I’m so sorry,” The vocalist sings.

Lyrically the subject matter is grim, but the message is expressed with in a carefree form with the music. For something that seems so sullen and serious on paper, these guys sure do sound happy.

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