Heavyball – Black Eye Friday


There are few things in this world more fun than ska music. Now, there’s always pop with a ska influence. There’s ska rock or indie ska, but pure ska with popping horns is without a doubt the best. Heavyball is the prime example of ska that is alive and well. Guess what? They’ve got a new song for you to hear. Check out what we think of “Black Eye Friday.”

Ska fans, rejoice. This song is the story of getting yourself into trouble. As the lyrics explain, I was talkin’/When I should have been listenin’. It’s about getting hit with a loud mouth and a short temper… then actually getting hit. It’s an anthem for the trouble seekers.

The guitar intro gives the impression a surf rock song, but then the horns crack in to remind you that this is, in fact, your troublemaker’s anthem. As ska goes, the horns are important. However, they’re particularly critical throughout this song. My favorite part: the horns imitating an ambulance siren as the echo of the vocals doing a similar line. It comes together utterly precise, but still leaves that carefree sound that ska has come to represent.

Give ’em a listen here and hear for yourself.

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3 Responses to “Heavyball – Black Eye Friday”

  1. joe says:

    cracking tune love it

  2. Jeff Laufer says:

    I’m writing from the crooked city of Los Angeles.. the music capital of the world. In regards to Heavyball it was inevitable… surf meets ska.. their songs are real and the come from the heart. If you ever thought that your love life was like a kitty litter box than “Black Eye Friday” will give you the inspiration to move on. While on the subject of moving on… Heavyball is one “bitchin” band..

  3. Great refreshing band, crackin’ tune.

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