Heirsound – Merge


Part witch-house, part pop-rock but all soul is what you’ll find on Heirsound’s debut EP “Merge.” The two-piece from New York by way of California comprised of lead vocalist Alexa San Román and Dane Petersen have crafted a sound of crashing cymbals blended with melodic guitar strings.

The track “My Own” starts with wispy guitar strings and a sound of longing from both Román and Petersen who split vocals on the song making for a one-two punch found frequently on the EP. “My Own” progresses to a crescendo of crashes and smashing snares that make you feel like the song just went into hyper drive.


Similarly to “My Own,” the closer “Do It Over” starts with minimal guitars and Román on vocals. But this time around the guitar is plucking along right with Román’s quick first verse where she bares teeth about an old lover leaving her behind. The song then goes into a more downbeat chorus with Petersen singing back up harmony over Román’s hook.

“Hoods Up” is the track that is arguably the most witch-house style on the EP. Again starting with guitars and Román, the track picks up a spacey drum beat that echoes throughout the first verse to send the song into an atmosphere of comfort despite the sound of despair from both Román and Petersen on vocals.


Overall “Merge” is a top tier blend of spacey guitars and vocals that are subdued but definitely not afraid to show some grit. Heirsound will appeal to genre enthusiasts and casual fans alike and is the perfect soundtrack for the shorter days and longer nights coming with the season change.

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