Hot Wives – This Man Refused To Open His Eyes


Atlanta band Hot Wives are what I like to call accessible punk. They’ve got a raw, energetic sound, but not too distorted for the general public to enjoy. The album This Man Refused To Open His Eyes is what you get when a garage band has a better ear for production.

Described as “the soundtrack to a speeding ticket,” This Man Refused To Open His Eyes is an album that fans of The Stooges and Cheap Trick will like. They’ve got these hook-filled songs with a kind of grainy vocal distortion that gives the hooks a little of that punk rock edge. There are some classic guitar solos that fly by too quickly, and short, spunk filled songs that really leave you wanting more.

I’ve never had the pleasure to see them live, but I hope they’re playing the next time I’m in Atlanta. If the show is half as good as the album, it’s something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Check ’em out on Facebook and turn it up loud (all the way to 11, or whatever our computers go to these days).

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