Inherit the Stars – Fortune Favours the Brave

Inherit the Stars - Fortune Favours the Brave

Hardcore rockers Inherit the Stars blend industrial synths with double kicks and blood curdling screams on their new single “Fortune Favours the Brave.”

From Sheffield, United Kingdom, Inherit the Stars released an album in 2013 called “We Were Made to Walk the Skies” and an EP in 2014 titled “Beyond the Beacons.” Both of which feature similar hardcore stylings with screaming vocals, crashing cymbals and bass lines so aggro, you wonder how bloody the strings were after recording.

Past recordings incorporate synths and give their tracks a prog-rock feel in addition to Inherit the Stars’ hardcore sound found throughout the genre. What makes “Fortune Favours the Brave” different from their previous work is the production on the track. There are times in the bridge where the synths sound like they came from an ‘80s Nintendo game and the end of the song resonates through your ears as it chimes in and out before fading away completely.

Inherit the Stars makes sure to stake a unique claim in the hardcore subgenre with their fusion of synths and prog-rock with traditional features of the genre. “Fortune Favours the Brave” only ratchets up the band’s creative style and shows their progression from their previous effort with more effects to really hammer in that spacey vibe. If this is what the first single sounds like, Inherit the Stars future album could certainly make all the right kind of waves.

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