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A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Dozers, a grunge band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to do a show here in San Francisco (boo), but the guys did agree to combine forces to answer a few questions for us.

Creative Control: In what places have you played so far on this tour? (City, State) What places are next?

Dozers: We started out in New York, playing shows through June, then jumped in an extremely small vehicle and drove around the country.
We ended up hitting New Orleans, Austin, Phoenix, Vegas, LA, Portland and Seattle. Now we’re back in New York for a little while before heading back to Australia.

CC: Which shows have been your favorite? Why?

D: It would have to be our show at the Double Down in Vegas. As messy as we where that evening, we played pretty well and had a rad time with the other bands. Driving through the desert the next day was not a fun time at all though.

CC: What are the best and worst parts about touring? Why?

Best: Playing shows, drinking, drinking for free, hanging out with good people, seeing the country.

Worst: Carrying gear, hangovers, gas money, being in a metal box for hours on end.

D: How does touring in the United States differ from touring in Australia?

We haven’t really toured in Australia. There’s so much ground to cover and not many cities, so we just drive interstate for a show or two and come back. I guess it’s just easier to do in the US.

CC: What’s next for Dozers?

D: We’ll definitely be back sometime next year to do it again. We book all of our own shows, so now with a few more contacts and a better understanding of the places to play, we’ll be doing a lot more.

Other than that, we’ve just demo’d an album and plan to get it recorded sometime soon. There’s still some writing to be done though.

CC: Is there anything I didn’t ask that you would like to discuss? Anything at all is open!

D: Nothing other than the fact that we need to play some shows in San Fran next time around.


Dozers is: Tommy Dozer – Guitar/Vocals, Dommy Dozer – Bass Guitar, Fisher – Drums

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