Jack Berry – The Bull

Jack Berry

Jack Berry. First of all, great name. Second of all, great face. Third of all, and most importantly, what a a sound! This guy has everything you need to create a rock star. I’ve never seen him perform live, but I picture girls swooning over him and guys rocking along with him. His tunes are pretty heavy rock and roll, but with the perfect mix of Black Keys grit and Jack White showmanship, with a hint of blues in there.

Originally from Nevada, Berry created his first album for a school project. Thankfully for the alt/blues-rock fans, this inspired a passion to create more music and Berry made the big move to Nashville to pursue it. After several months of living a very stereotypical struggling-musician lifestyle, critics finally realized the natural grit that Jack Berry conveyed was something the world needed to experience.

The Bull is his latest single from his LP Mean Machine and it packs a lot of punch. Some of his songs have a hint of that “tortured artist” behind them; I guess that’s where the blues chimes in. The Bull crashes into your ears with tantalizing guitar riffs and the kind of vocals that carry so much passion you might think Berry was actually in some sort of physical pain when he recorded the tune.

This single has a lot of similarities to his previous stuff, like Bad Dog and Kiss Like; it’s guitar heavy and very gritty. But unlike some of his previous tracks, The Bull has a little something extra. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is about the chorus that I love so much, but everytime I hear it I find myself stomping my feet and getting way too into it. The song and lyrics have a way of bringing out your inner blues and making you feel what he’s feeling.

Like Jack White, Jack Berry exudes so much confidence and bravado in his music. Not Kanye West style confidence, more like this is what I was meant to do confidence. I think we’re all pretty lucky that Berry made the realization that music was his calling and moved to Nashville to pursue it. The world needs more bluesy-rock and roll in it.

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