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Jared Mancuso is either Buddy Holly reincarnated or a musician born many years too late. He even has the look and the whole nine yards. He’s actually portrayed Holly as an actor and in his own tribute act called Not Fade Away.

Among his many creative talents, perhaps the most recent for the Pennsylvania-based Mancuso is his second solo album, Superdope. The LP was released last month and is available on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Photo: Beth Koepp

Photo: Beth Koepp

The opener, Roll Over is lo-fi and funky.  The vocals spill through intertwined with a layer of fuzz. The style makes the song seem primitive, yet the use of modern-day recording technology makes it seem contemporary all in the same. La De Da is brief and simple, much like a typical Folk song. And also like Folk, It contains that form of singing that’s more like a rhythmic speech rather than something being sung.

The Fuck? is worth mentioning just for the title if for nothing else.  This one is quite Weezer-esque. It’s upbeat and also has some thin-toned surf rock style riffs.


There’s something about Would You that brings the ‘50s to mind. It’s just a clean and wholesome song. The soft bluesy strums and the way in which Mancuso projects his voice makes me think of how seemingly innocent the entertainment industry was during that decade.

Mancuso’s hardest and heaviest incarnation on this album is an instrumental called Mayday. You can also hear a hint of country when he decides to go rockabilly in Rest of Our Lives and The Other Side.  The album closes with a three-chord progression acoustic track, Water, which I imagine he wrote while sitting on the beach.

Superdope emits positive vibes in its entirety. Mancuso sounds complacent at the very least in every single track. Much like Buddy Holly and his other influences, his music is a catharsis of delightful optimism and he carries on the torch of his inspirations in fine fashion.

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