Jimmy Eat World at the Warfield


Jimmy Eat World played a set for the Damage 2013 Tour at the Warfield. The best part about the set is that Jimmy has such a full catalog of perfect songs, the set is just song to song. There was very little banter except where necessary (tuning and such), so it was just hit to hit the whole night.

Jimmy is one of those bands that has aged handsomely. When I was 13 years old, slamming the door to my room with emo music playing on the radio, I don’t think I (or anyone) realized that I would be doing the same thing ten years later (with less drama and slamming, of course). This is because bands like Jimmy Eat World have grown with us. Songs like “Hear You Me” are proof that Jimmy has got the growing power: And if you were with me tonight/I’d sing to you just one more time/A song for a heart so big/God wouldn’t let it live.

Breaks my heart every. single. time. They can also keep it light with “Big Casino”: And they’ll say, ‘All the salt in the world couldn’t melt that ice.’ So, the tears are quickly dried and you can continue rocking.

Even though this was technically the Damage tour, there were a lot of songs from other albums (like the aforementioned “Hear You Me” and “Big Casino”). We got the singles and hits along with the new stuff, which is a very cool way to do a tour. Everyone wanted to hear “Bleed American” (or “Salt, Sweat, Sugar” if you’d prefer) and “The Middle,” so that’s what we got.

So, the next time Jimmy Eat World is in your town, just go see ’em. You’ll hear old and new with a different kind of appreciation of both. AND if you’re interested, I came across this site called Crowd Album that collects Instagram pics hastagged with the show to make an album. Check that out here.


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