Jimmy & The Revolvers – Whistle For My Love


There are two defining moments when you are the self-proclaimed biggest fan of your favorite band. One is the moment you discover “your” band. It’s the way poets have romanticized falling in love since the beginning of stories. There’s the instant of realization and the constant adoration that follows thereafter, playing an album on repeat. Later, there’s the second, third or fourth album when, before you know it, it’s the 10th anniversary of your favorite album and you wonder where the time has gone. The second moment is when you’ve realized that you have grown and it’s like this band has been alongside you the entire time unbeknownst to them.

This is what I’m expecting from Jimmy & The Revolvers.

The “Sunday Morning” EP is like a trip back in time. Songs like “Little Black Book” give you the best of the ’50s and ’60s with effortless sounding songwriting and enduring melodies and harmonies. Then, just one track up, you’ve got “Lonely,” which is a gratifying folk/rock song that makes you realize that maybe the banjo isn’t all that irritating after all.

On Aug. 4, the next single “Whistle For My Love” will be released and it’s still not like the two contrasting sounds  mentioned above. It has those melodies and harmonies that Jimmy & The Revolvers fans have to be obsessed with by now, but it’s a more upbeat song that will keep you moving.

Within and EP and single, this band has proven that they’ve got that growth status. In other words, don’t be afraid to fall in love with them.

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