Joni Fuller – Everybody Says So

Joni Fuller

Americana is a genre that has burst onto the scene in recent years, but nobody has seemed to blend upbeat pop stylings with it… until now. 

Joni Fuller and her new single “Everybody Says So” sound like Credence Clearwater Revival blended with today’s leading female vocalists. Fuller’s got ferocity and some sass in her delivery on the vocals, making it clear she is here to make a point and doesn’t give a damn what you think. 

The track has her signature sound of twangy guitars and is light on the bass. What makes this song sound like Americana’s lovechild with pop is the infectious clapping beat that sounds like you’d only need a tambourine and a set of hands to replicate. 

It’s also a little more playful than some of her other tracks on her EP “Letters from the West Coast.” Most of the tracks from the EP stick to a more Americana/Roots Rock sound with quieter hand percussions and plucky acoustics. “Letters from the West Coast” and “Everybody Says So” complement each other in the best ways despite their slight differences. “Letters from the West Coast” established that Fuller knows what she wants to sing about and the style she’s going for, whereas “Everybody Says So” shows she can dip her foot ever so slightly into another genre without drowning herself , or the listener, in it.

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