Jont Live in Halifax


Have you ever fallen in love? If so, you’re familiar with the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and goosebumps on your arms. You’re probably also no stranger to the feelings of bliss and contentment; as if everything is right in the world. These sensations are similar to those that you get when watching Jont, a singer-songwriter from the UK, perform.  

Jont, (Jonathan Whittington) who recently relocated to Halifax, Nova Scotia, has an innocent and soothing voice. He’s the most awkward yet charming man I’ve had the pleasure of swooning over. He’s probably best known for his songs that were featured on the popular series Grey’s Anatomy, so you may have already unknowingly cried to his songs. I’m also mostly familiar with his mellow, acoustic sound featured on his album, Supernatural, but was pleasantly surprised by the lively show I got to take in last week. 

The Carleton (the bar I caught Jont at) prides itself on being a “listening room,” meaning if you’re there, you’re listening (and appreciating) the music. This was the perfect spot to watch Jont perform with a band for the first time. And what a band it was! Aside from the usual slow, acoustic, sounds, we got to hear horns and keyboards and fiddles (a favourite on the east coast of Canada which he now calls home). There was never a single moment where Jont and his merry band of misfits didn’t put a smile on my face and force me to tap my toes. 

The folks in the small bar with its velour curtains and tiny strings of lights got to hear a little bit of everything from Jont. With a nearly three hour set, he covered some of his older tunes and some new ones; including one for his young daughter. 

His daughter is not just his muse but the reason for his move to the small Canadian city of Halifax. He found out that the little girl was his via a Facebook picture a couple of years ago. The song about his daughter is the one that sticks out most to me from the performance. It was typical Jont – just him and his guitar, very lovey and honest. The lyrics were, well, real. They were practical. Like he wrote it for an eight year old (because he did). It was unbelievably refreshing to hear that something so simple could still be so poetic. I watched every girl in the room fall in love with him one by one during those moments. 

He and his band closed with a super fun, toe-tapping song from his album Hello Halifax and half of the room got on their feet. It turns out a listening room can also be transformed to a dancing room with a little bit of encouragement. The trumpet and the fiddle meshed so well with Jont’s happy-go-lucky lyrics and sound. You’d never know that this was the first live show these guys had played together. 

The show ended and Jont hung out with the crowd for a few minutes in his studded denim blazer chatting about what he loved about his new home. I’m sure almost everyone left The Carleton feeling the same way as I did, completely at awe and in love with the adorable singer-songwriter Jont.

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