Joyous Wolf – Daisy

Joyous Wolf Daisy

Joyous Wolf has done it again. Earlier this year, the band released their head-banging, blues song, “Sleep Weep Stomp,” an incredible blend of blues and alternative rock. This song was amazing and the band showed a lot of potential. I enjoyed writing my review of them and I couldn’t wait to hear more from them. Now, almost two months afterward, this group of four has released their first EP, “Daisy.” Like I wasn’t disappointed with their single, I definitely wasn’t disappointed with these tracks. 

The album has five songs, but it opens up with my personal favorite, “Crusaders.” Crusaders is an interesting track, using a fast-paced beat of drums and guitar combined with Joyous Wolf’s usual shouting vocals to catch listeners’ ears. It makes you want to bang your head, dance around, or even just tap your foot with how catchy it is. What caught my ear, however, were the allusions the song makes to history, specifically to the Crusaders and Julius Caesar. Though they lived in different times, the way Joyous Wolf wrote the lyrics makes it feel like Brutus, Cassius, and the men they led during the assassination were the first Crusaders. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense, as they vowed to kill Caesar and their work eventually led into a republic government replacing the dictatorship. Although creative license is obviously used, I love it when historical events are featured in songs. It makes me smile when I recognize what the song is talking about. 

This song is my favorite, but the other four songs are spectacular as well. Joyous Wolf really knows how to create memorable tracks, and this EP is no exception. I look forward to hearing what they come out with next and I hope you will give them a listen as well. Look them up and get ready to head-bang.

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