Karmic – Higher Self


The pop genre has become arguably the most popular and versatile genre of the last 20 years, weaving its way into rap, rock and now country. But Karmic has seemingly brought the genre back to its 80s roots with their single “Higher Self.”

The track has a groovy bass line over a toe tapping drum beat of just kicks making the song an earworm in the opening seconds. Over the course of the song guitars, synths and a more traditional drum pattern come in to flesh it out, especially on the chorus. When the chorus comes in the song truly feels like a blast from the past. Tinsley hi-hats and synths that sounds reminiscent of Buggles’ ”Video Killed the Radio Star” make the song bounce into a chorus that really brings home the 80s vibe.   

The track’s vocals are subdued on the track, coming in softly and trotting along with the beat until the chorus where Laura Baruch gets to let her voice do more singing. It’s a nice balance of driving verses and a chorus that you can shout in your car when it comes on the radio. Karmic may not be out to save the pop genre, but they don’t have to so long as they keep making original beats like this while grounding the genre in its roots.

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