Katie Burden – I Can See It Clear

Photo: Kristin Cofer

It seems like there’s always a shortage of female blues singers, or at least few in the mainstream, but Katie Burden has crooned up a sultry song in “I Can See It Clear” on her debut LP “Strange Moon.” 


Burden coos into the mic as the beat is propelled with peppy hi-hats and a bass line that’s drenched with groove. You can almost taste the smoke-filled room where this song might be played, it’s like one of those songs they use to establish mood in 70s crime capers. 

The second verse has a finger-snapping sound that you’ll be powerless to not mimic by a second listen, which made typing this that much harder. Burden’s standout feature on the song is her vocal inflection. Her verses are cool and suave. The chorus is high pitched like she’s a siren luring you into a whiskey bottle with her.

She opens the songs talking about how someone can have her however they want and by the second verse she says she wants to mimic vultures on the side of road. As soon as she’s seduced you, you’re hers.

The song has a plucky guitar riff, and a bass and hi-hat combination that keeps pacing quick but doesn’t feel rushed. If Burden’s trying to seduce us with her mysterious style and charm…. she’s succeeded.

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