Kelsey Mathews Band

Kelsey Mathews

Are you a Nashville native? If so, great! Then you have no excuse not to check out The Kelsey Mathews Band. If you’re out of town, then that’s what YouTube is for. I had the opportunity to get to know Kelsey Mathews, which probably made me a little biased to her music. Even without meeting her, the raw talent she posses is amazing. A live listen definitely gave me an appreciation for her voice on a different level. There’s no difference between her recorded and live performances, which is odd for most musicians, but the passion she has for singing is palpable in person. 

The great thing about Kelsey’s music is that she isn’t a one-genre woman. Kelsey Mathews’ songs are covers and originals with country twists, rock and roll and pop backdrops. She uses a wide range of music themes and although country music is technically her genre, listening to many of her songs won’t give you that idea. 

Performances in Nashville give anyone the opportunity to see her in person. Kelsey was previously with The House Band, but has since moved to The Kelsey Mathews Band. She’s been seen on the Skyville Live shows alongside Lady Antebellum, Kris Kristofferson and Jason Isbell, performing for her signed record label, Skyville Records. 

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