Kilkovec – Change Video


It’s almost time to take the Plunge.

Kilkovec’s new EP is due January 27th. We got a chance to review the release in November. Now the group has offered up a new video for Change.

Even though I wasn’t able to derive any meaning from watching this clip, the visuals are an apt pairing for the rebellious nature of the song. Scenes of the band jamming are spliced with these guys frolicking about with slightly reckless tendencies. They can be seen hanging from a playground jungle gym, playing in an arcade, and enjoying a match of British football.

Another fitting aspect of the video is the way the picture cuts in and out in perfect time with the guitar’s opening notes. The drums work their way up to Daniel Wilson’s wild headbanging just past the half-minute mark. Change reeks of sound reminiscent of ‘90s Grunge. Even the lyrics have a disaffected air to them. “If you need my help just call. We can talk about the future pretending we’re not scared at all.” The style, attitude, and youthfulness of that era are all there in 4:43.

If you’ve read our previous write-up on Kilkovec, you know that there’s much more to Plunge. You can experience this when it’s officially released on Friday. But here’s the video to hold you over until then.

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