King George – Heroes


King George is where emotive lyrics merge with rock sound. Think The Killers meet Muse. The mind behind the songs George Zois has carefully crafted the songs on Heroes so that you never want to skip to the next one. This is an album to keep on and let it play through entirely…. Or just keep it on repeat.

The album’s title song “Heroes” is what captures exactly what King George is. He’s a singer/songwriter that gives us lyrics like: As I’m staring down these stars tonight/The hero calls my name/He says it’s a little lost town in a really big way and (my favorite):  Who’s your hero? You’ve got to save yourself.

Though “Heroes” gets a bit dancey (emphasis on The Killers for that song), songs like “Hover” provide a more altrock feel with memorable guitar riffs that act just as catchy as the vocal chorus.

The best part of Heroes is all the movement. The songs have a clear beginnings, middles and ends with bridges that connect everything together. Heroes is a story with a distinct flow.

These are the aspects that make Heroes completely radio ready, but still engaging enough to listen to anywhere else. It just so happens that this is a story you’ll want to hear over and over again.

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