King George – Love Songs & Medications

King George

If there’s one type of song that will never go away, it’s the love song. Since the invention of music itself, millions of songs have been written involving some man or woman pining for someone, or something. They use the song in order to serenade said interest, in hopes they will fall for them. Sometimes the serenade succeeds, but then other times, we get more blues songs. It’s a classic and great type of song, but with so many songs about love, how do new artists make their songs stand apart from the rest? 

Australian artist King George—otherwise known as George Zois—seems to know the answer, giving it in his newest album, “Love Songs & Medications.” According to his website, his music “marries pop melancholy with rock rawness, resulting in a highly emotive and energetic show.” Honestly, I have to agree with this statement. All ten tracks on this album have this nostalgic emanation that reminds me of the seventies and eighties. The lyrics are so catchy, and while other love songs today are similar, the intense, enthusiasm-inducing rhythm of the guitar and drums make the tracks even stronger. The words and music have a mutualistic relationship; they combine to get listeners smiling as their blood starts pumping. When I listened to the album, I immediately felt more energized and couldn’t sit still. These songs are the kind you just have to sing along with, even if you don’t know all the lyrics at first. 

One aspect of this album I really enjoyed was how the songs were all different, not simply “a guy loves a girl” songs. In “Slingshot,” listeners hear a story where the narrator doesn’t understand the game of love and gives up, but then decides to reinvent himself, “beginning again” his romance as a different man. “Firestone” creates a picture of a woman, “an angel in red that wears horns tonight.” “No Comment,” my favorite song, differs even further, starting with a slower tempo reminiscent of “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas, but later speeds up into a powerful instrumental ballad of guitars and drums. King George keeps listeners on their toes and you’ll never expect what comes next as you listen to it. So if you need some love songs in your life, take a dose of “Love Songs & Medications.”

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