King Kartel – “Come At Me Now”


King Kartel are a band from Northern Ireland and ran away from home. This, almost without argue, creates some of the best music. Their songs are alternative, indie inspired rock that almost require you to get up and move. Sure, there’s some pop influence there, too, but these guys are creating an legendary sound with kind of a punk attitude.

“Come At Me Now” is the latest single from King Kartel. With vocals like Oasis’ Gallagher brothers if they had a little more grit and gut, “Come At Me Now” has a sturdy, driving rhythm guitar and backup vocals that add that extra layer to round out the overall sound. It’s a fight song with lyrics like, “Careful with the words you choose/’Cause I might just rain on your sunny afternoon.” With a snarky attitude and almost passive willingness to fight, “Come At Me Now” has spunk.

Listen to “Come At Me Now” below:

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