King Shelter – Everything Hurts & Preoccupy


You know you’re on to something when you have your own accreditation for an Urban Dictionary definition. That’s exactly what King Shelter have on their hands and their self-described style of Salad Rock which means “a genre of music best described as a mix of everything,” and they aren’t kidding.


Hailing from Southern California, the guys of King Shelter dropped their single “Preoccupy” back in July. The song serves as a commentary as what goes through a man’s mind as he’s trying to pick up women and how they’re the only thing on his mind. “I’m a white, entitled man. We don’t take ‘no’ for an answer,” is sung on the song to crashing symbols and sharp guitar riffs. The guys’ song couldn’t have come at a better time, especially after recordings recently discovered about a certain presidential candidate. The track also goes on to detail how men can view women as conquests after multiple rejections all wrapped in distorted guitars and peppy percussion hits.

The other single, “Everything Hurts,” sounds like if Death Cab for Cutie hung around the beach all day. It’s got an energetic guitar track and a vocal performance that follows the drum beat and bass to a tee, making this song feel like a neat little package delivered in just over three minutes.


These two tracks from the salad rockers have shown the range they have now and where they can end up in the future and a much needed change of pace from what most other pop or rock groups are putting on the radio these days. King Shelter will definitely make a name for themselves with tracks like these.

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