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King Washington is made up of four dudes – Tyson Kelly on vocals, guitar and keys; George Krikes on guitar and vocals; Billy Lee with bass and vocals and David Contreras on drums. The band is usually defined as having an indie rock sound with a hint of 60’s/70’s influence. This description is pretty spot on from what I’ve heard from the band.

Aside from that, they’re very “California,” if you know what I mean. This makes sense – as they’re from California. But there sound is very sunny and surfy. Similar to that of another LA based band, Coconut Records.

Photo: Tamarind Free Jones

Photo: Tamarind Free Jones

Their new single, My Reflection, follows all of the above characteristics, making me wonder why King Washington didn’t choose a spring/summer release date for their new album. Then again, I’m from Canada – where summer lasts for two months – not California, where the weather is generally always summer.

My Reflection opens slow, with a very 60’s vibe. Kelly’s vocals remind me a little of Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, except happier. I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good or bad thing, it’s just an observation. It picks up a bit with some exciting percussion and progresses into fun harmonies.  

Photo: Sarah Sitkin

Photo: Sarah Sitkin

The song is simplistic in a way that makes it easy to appreciate, but the lyrics may be lacking a tad. There’s not a whole lot of substance there, but the boys make up for it with great melodies and progressions.

In a couple of interviews, Kelly says that the new single is about flirting with the idea of making a big move. Having a little nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you to do one thing, but feeling tied to another thing is something I’ve dealt with more than a few times, so I do feel their message is relatable, even if it isn’t perfectly conveyed.

My Reflection is from their upcoming album Potential, which is set to be released in January. If the rest of their album follows the sounds of My Reflection, I think they’ll produce their most popular album to date. A mix of indie-rock, funk and dance isn’t something you can find just anywhere, but it is something that I think a lot of people will dig. So let’s hope King Washington pulls through.

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