Reviewing KinZie was a tough job for me. While listening to their EP, Young Vagabonds, I found myself going back and forth between really digging what I was hearing and wanted to hit the skip button. The EP jumps between metal sounds and more punk-rock sounds, leaving me wondering which direction the band might go next.

Made up of three guys, Phillip Ori, Thomas Warren, Parker Chambliss, KinZie describes themselves as “a psychedelic noise rock band from Birmingham, Alabama.” While I don’t necessarily disagree with this statement, I think they’re missing some descriptive words. I would use words like raw, variety and even angry to describe these guys and their EP.

The EP kicks off with 70’s Cop, which wasn’t my cup of tea as it was very heavy and a bit cliche as far as punk/metal tunes go. The guitar player shreds pretty hard in this one though. I can imagine he has some pretty sore fingers by the end of this one.

As we move onto Light Years, the boys get softer and seem to have a bit more feeling. I’m not sure if this was written for somebody or not, but it definitely sounds like a dedication of some sort, which is nice. This is one of the only times that I think KinZie lives up to being the “psychedelic” band they referred to in their description.

As WDCATL started I got kind of excited because the intro sounded like it could possibly be a song from The Strokes. The whole song maintains this punk-rock theme, which I think the boys should stick with as this is definitely where their comfort zone is.

The title track is the final song on the four song EP and it’s a lot slower than I would’ve expected. The song could use a bit more of variety guitar wise, but it is the first time we get to really experience the singers vocals uninterrupted. His voice is soft, which is so surprising since the first time you hear it on the EP he’s yelling at you.

KinZie is the type of band that could be a couple of different things, but is trying to be all of them. They touch metal, punk, rock and a little bit of an electro-psychedelic vibe in only four songs. If they honed in on their punk-rock sound and really owned it, I think they’d definitely be on the radar of music lovers.

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