Kirra – Sounds From An Empty Room


It’s rare to hear that anyone plays straight rock ‘n’ roll anymore. There’s a ton of pop rock, indie rock, rap rock and countless others. However, pure rock ‘n’ roll seems to have become something of the past where we reminisce about the old rock bands. The reminiscing is over thanks to Kirra.

My first impression of Kirra is Nirvana. I don’t make that comparison lightly. The vocals are grungy enough (but still not a pitch error in sight) with that slight drag that Kurt Cobain made so famous. However, when you get to the shredding guitar solos and thrashing drums, you will instantly remember that this isn’t just grunge. This is instantly apparent in songs like “Drown” and “Downfall.”

The lyrics won’t leave you disappointed, either. Take a listen and it sounds like these guys have been around for longer than just a year and like they’ve had plenty of writing and performing experience to run circles around the new rock competition.

Another idea I noticed the first time I started listening to Kirra is that it reminds me of why I fell in love with those other sub-genres in the first place. Rock was a jumping off point for so many other new sounds, but now it’s time to go back to the original. Kirra is your best bet to do that.

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