Kosoti – Bark and Sticks


Folk inspired music can get dull and boring. There are artists that take that folk inspiration and turn it into something downright impressive. When that happens, folk music becomes fresh and modern. That is what Kosoti does in the newest single “Bark and Sticks.” It’s fresh, lightly inspired by folk music that’s just alternative enough.

Immediately into “Bark and Sticks,” you’ll notice the lack of banjos. Don’t worry, they step in quickly. Not upfront and in your face, but they hold back as an accompaniment to not steal the show. They serve as a constant rolling sound in the background that propels the song in constant forward motion.

The vocals themselves are modern without twang. Light but grounded, the harmonies flow in and out effortlessly with perfectly matched male/female vocals that sound like they were made for each other, for this song.

Check out the video for “Bark and Sticks” here:

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