Lagwagon – Hang


I don’t know anything about fine wine, but I assume Lagwagon ages similarly. Their latest record, Hang, is far from apolitical. However, it has a different take than the Lagwagon of yesteryear. As people age, some feel that they can do less and less about the problems they see in this world. While it seems Lagwagon are in this stage of life, they seem to want change all that much more.

After the somber opener “Burden of Proof,” this record gets right to the point with the classic punk gallop of “Reign.” Even as it rolls through the lengthy-yet-worthwhile “Obsolete Absolute,” the record continues to maintain the highest of energies. Even as the record winds down with “You Know Me,” the band comes back with “In Your Wake” as if to let us know, with a wink, they are far from done.

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