Latimer House – All The Rage


Latimer House’s new album All The Rage is Brit-pop/rock with an indie makeover. 

The song “This Is Pop” is the most appropriately titled it could ever hope to be. This song has a catchy chorus and groovy (not quite dance-able, but more like head bop-able) instrumentation and beat that keeps the song moving quickly.

However, with Latimer House, the lyrics are where you’ll find the real band. This is the indie influence. You get an idea of the humans behind the sound – there’s no hiding behind a pop beat. In songs like “Burn,” the lyrics are the shining moments: Water covers open roads /like sheets of mirror glass/roadblocks and mean diversions/fate has dealt its cards.

Paired with revealing lyrics, the production value of All The Rage is also indie inspired. Everything is in tune and put together rather well, but there’s a rawness and honesty to lead singer Joe Cook‘s vocals. There’s no auto-tune or over-editing of anything. This is a very real and pure sounding album.

Have a listen here on the Latimer House Bandcamp page.

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