Lavoy EP


Listening to an album is like listening to a story. Listening to an EP is like listening to a short story. Listening to Lavoy’s EP is like listening to a short story that you wish would have been a series of novels. In three short songs, you get the idea, but you’re just left hoping that Lavoy’s full length album is just around the corner.

Think of what would happen if Modern English met Vampire Weekend and that’s Lavoy. They’ve got those hooks backed by some synth and alt/pop instrumentation. The song “Fool Proof Plan” is the intro to their story. It’s the catchy upbeat song that gets your attention and keeps you. Lyrics like I was a novelist, but I was not a writer/Nobody learned a thing from anything I said, remind you that this isn’t just a person trying to write a big hit, but an artist expressing himself in a way that so many people will be able to relate and enjoy.

Then, the song “Here Comes The Night” is the meat. This is the thick of the story where you really get the most out of what you’re hearing. The pop hooks have subsided (never fully gone, just comfortably at bay), but you’re still interested in what they’ve got to say. It’s the slow song where you get a breather before the high energy, end credits of “Learn Who You Are.”

Lavoy’s EP is a testament to what electronic music could be. It’s synthesized, but not overly so that it would be lost to a live crowd. There are real people playing real instruments, so that human element isn’t missing. You don’t forget a Lavoy song, and “Fool Proof Plan” will be stuck in my head for days.

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