LAZYFLUX – Master Craftsmen

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Generally, trip rock is only designed to listen to while you’re on something. This is unfortunate because sometimes that music is actually really good. However, if you’re sober, it’s tedious. The songs tend to be long, a little slow moving and just confusing. If only there were some bands who could take the best of trip music and shorten it for us sober listeners. If that describes you, then give a listen to LAZYFLUX.

What LAZYFLUX has done is combined alternative and trip rock. You get the flowing, psychedelic-ish sounds with more alt-rock vocals. Their newest EP “Master Craftsmen” features songs like “Supercomputers” and “Bullet Colossus” that are definitely on the more alt-rock sound. It’s up beat with a nod to those psychedelic guitar riffs. The song “Zanzibar Bazaar” is slightly more trippy. It’s slowed down with longer standing vocals, but you definitely don’t get too lost like you would with 100% true psychedelic songs. Fortunately, this is the kind of music you can listen to and really enjoy while sober.

Particularly with “Master Craftsmen,” LAZYFLUX sounds like Air Traffic does a tribute to trip rock. It’s not 100% psychedelic, but not 100% alternative, either. In LAZYFLUX, you get the best of both. Be sure to give them a listen.

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