Less Than Jake – Anthem

I’ve been listening to Less Than Jake for about 12 years now. (Great job to whoever decided to put them on the Good Burger soundtrack with Kel Mitchell, by the way). For me, they’re one of those bands that will always be a favorite no matter how old I get. They’re one of the better bands that has happened to mankind, in my opinion. So when Anthem was released, I decided I needed to revisit my love for Less Than Jake. After listening to “Welcome to the New South” (Track 1, by the way) and hearing the last lines, “Outcasts welcome home/Welcome home”, I felt at home again. I adore Less Than Jake.

As I hoped, the guys still use trombone and saxophone in their music (only now with JR Wasilewski and Buddy Schaub) adding to their ska-esque sound and style. Which also comes from Chris Demakes’ and Roger Manganelli’s singing voices.Sweeeeeeeeeeet.

Still, LTJ’s lyrics relate to listeners of all ages and stages in life.

Do you remember when we had all the answers, and can you really remember when we wished for anything better, just to feel like it’s been forever, does it feel like a broken record, a head full of yesterdays, you keep wishing your life away, you can’t keep looking over you own shoulder, things’ll never look up unless you start to move forward.

I still haven’t fully listened to GNV FLA yet, but there’s only a certain amount of time that can pass before I own it and can form some opinion about it.

This hasn’t been a full album review; I’d much prefer to review a show. Fortunately, they’ll be in Atlanta March 11 and hopefully I can make that show. I will have so much more to say about them live. Concerts are the best. More emotion comes through to the audience and there’s a bond between artist and listeners. That’s what I think, anyway.

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