Let’s Talk Daggers – A Beautiful Life

Let's Talk Daggers

The recent album by Let’s Talk Daggers is definitely for the strange and untamed mind. The newly released songs are a hardcore punk guilty pleasure that give you an idea of what a psychedelic freakout might feel like. Listening to the 12 songs will leave you intrigued, a bit frightened, and not knowing whether you should pray or pump your fists in the air.  

“Semi Frontiers” and “Clutchendials” were by far my favorites. “Semi Frontiers” has a dynamic tempo, and pacing to match a mouse’s heartbeat on speed before throwing you into an alternate twilight zone halfway through the song. Between the echoes, mimicking hallways of the mind, to the dramatic switch up of style, Let’s Talk Daggers killed it with “Semi Frontiers.” “Clutchendials” had a good mix of slow jams before it kicked into gear, bouncing back and forth between mellower rock and “Sons of Anarchy” background music. I have no doubt that after you listen, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 

“Raina” and “3D Rug” were a bit too much in the head banging department for my taste, but “Casino Coates” wasn’t too bad with its let’s-trash-the-hotel-room sound. A lot of Let’s Talk Daggers’ music is like that, though, so be weary for all you faint-hearted folks!

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