Liberty Lies – Are You Listening?


I always thought I was the only person who paid attention to song lyrics, but Liberty Lies’ new single, “Are You Listening?” has proved I’m not. A hard rock band from the West Midlands, this group of five originally formed in June 2008, consisting of lead vocalist Shaun Richards, guitarists Josh Pritchett and Liam Billings, drum player Adam Stevens, and bass guitarist Adam Howell. They have been together for more than eight years now, rocking the world with amazing instrumentals. They have even toured with the likes of Shinedown and Halestorm. As I said, however, their newest song is more than pleasant sounds.

The song goes full blast from the start, with intense drum and guitar-playing. Then, Richards begins singing “Life/It let me down/My choices never chosen/And my answers never found.” When I first listened to this song, it was difficult for me to determine what they were talking about. In fact, Richards’ accent made it hard to understand he was saying, “Life.” Even so, I kept listening to the song. After a few times of looping, I wrote down all the lyrics, studying them and performing research on the band. I started to understand only after I found a quote from Adam Stevens on, and then listened to him and Richards talking on the Honest Brutality podcast. Looking at the lyrics and listening to the song again completed the process. I finally knew what the song was saying. 

During the podcast, Richards and Stevens talk about how much anger they have against Britain’s music industry. There are only a few radio stations that even play their style of music and they are not known well enough yet to have their songs played. Stevens cements this statement further when he says, “This is our heaviest song to date, and the one that we are most proud of. We’ve managed to find the sound that we have been trying to capture for years. The song was born out of frustration in the practice room and with the industry itself.” 

I applaud Liberty Lies for this song and their desire to have their music heard. As a writer, I work to have my pieces read by as many people as I can. That being said, the song is filled with their intentions. The opening lyrics discuss how circumstances have betrayed them. Because they don’t have enough people listening to them, Liberty Lies is unable to get more listeners through increased publicity. The song also gives other clever lyrics, such as “A voice without a reason/A mind that’s still believing.” These lyrics show that while the band wants to be heard more, they want people to appreciate what their songs are trying to say. The title itself asks if anyone who plays their song is paying attention. If an artist has created a song just for its sound, then there’s no point listening to it. Liberty Lies believes all their songs should have a purpose and a message, and I couldn’t agree more. When I’m listening to a song, I make sure every aspect makes me want to hear more from the band, and this song achieves success on all angles.

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