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I discovered Liberty Ship accidentally this past summer when I was sitting in a tiny bar discussing festival lineups with my friend and the song Fire Your Love came on over the speakers. As soon as I heard the first stroke of Brown’s bass I was digging it. Four friends make up Liberty Ship  – Lewis Hancock (vocals, acoustic), Jack Edison (guitar), James Brown (bass) and Keirran Bond (drums). Even though they don’t have a ton of tunes out there to discover, I’ve yet to turn something on that I didn’t like.

Their songs are like a combination of all of the bands that I love. Fire Your Love has big bass and a real rock and roll vibe that reminds me of The Black Keys; For You has the same simplicity and the vocal stylings that The Kooks have, and now their newest track, Learning to Fly, has this new folk/pop thing going on that kind of mimics a combination of The Avett Brothers and The Lumineers.

The new single is really light, with airy guitar riffs and lovely backing vocals that really bring out the folk of this song. The lyrics are slightly cheesy, but they make you feel good, and that’s what music is all about right? “I can be, whatever I want. I will find, find my way. I will try, just wanna spread my wings, don’t wanna have to do the things I despise. Just wanna be someone, not like anyone. You know I, I’m learning to fly.” I mean, those are pretty adorable, dorky lyrics. But they work! They’re honest and simple. You don’t have to dig for the meaning of the song which is refreshing in a world where you have to go to to decode half the words in a song.

Some might say that Liberty Ship hasn’t found their sound yet – based on the fact that some of their tracks are rock and roll, some can sound a little bluesy and now their new single is soft and mellow. However, let’s keep in mind that people said the same thing when Mumford and Sons (one of the biggest bands right now) ditched the banjo for an electric guitar. And that turned out to be some of their best work yet.

Learning to Fly is without a doubt a lot different from the rest of their tunes, but that just speaks volumes to their talent. The fact that these four dudes can pump out songs of multiple different genres proves that they don’t need to be pigeon holed and I, for one, am stoked about that.

You can pre-order Learning to Fly here.

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