Linkin Park – Living Things

“Living Things” is rather consistent with “A Thousand Suns” in general sound. The band introduced a new sound for the band that they’ve continued with the fifth studio album “Living Things.” This album is far from “Hybrid Theory” or “Meteora,” but Chester Bennington’s heavy thrashing still accompanies Mike Shinoda’s vocals. “Living Things” has more of a dance-vibe with synthesizers and a little dubstep inspiration thrown into the mix (“Lies Greed Misery” is a great example of this. It’s seriously one step away from a heavy WUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUB).

The important thing to remember for this album is that it’s definitely not “Hybrid Theory.” If you go into this expecting the old Linkin Park, you’ll be disappointed. Keep in mind that bands evolve, change and like to take chances with new sounds, which is what this album sounds like – an experiment for the guys of Linkin Park to see what they can and want to do. It’s worth a listen. Besides, the whole album is about 37 minutes long, so it’s a quick listen. Check it out.

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