Listen to Ships Have Sailed Until The World Runs Out of Time

Photo Credit: Rob Hoffman

Ships Have Sailed is a breath of fresh air in the music business normally saturated with superficial inspirations. Hailing from Los Angeles, this duo is comprised of bass player, Daniel Hange, and guitarist, Will Carpenter, whose vocals only sweeten the eardrums with every song.  

I’ve never loved every song on an album in my life until I heard “Moodswings.” Each song blends into the other, telling a story you need to hear. This album has perfect slow jams that are the soundtrack of human emotions. Whether you live in a romantic comedy or a beach dance party, and especially when you’re stuck in study mode at the library or enjoying a simple morning, “Moodswings” is the perfect soundtrack to your life.

“Moodswings” is the way you can admit everything to yourself, even if you can’t admit it to the world.

“Drive” was the first song I listened to. My first thought? “Oh, hell yeah.” It gave me an instant desire to listen to more. Don’t let its slower pace fool you. The lyrics – like “As the thunder breaks, I pull you in close and never leave” and  “frozen now, this moment that we’re stealing” – complement it perfectly, evoking a sense of freedom with every clap. 

“Out of Time” was created for all of you who have walls. I guess that’s all of us in some way. This song gives you a genuine understanding of the human desire for connection. Its tempo trades between slower and upbeat, giving you a bit of everything. The greatest promise you want to believe are the lyrics like,  “I will not leave you, I won’t forget you. I want to let you in. Do you believe me? I will protect you when the dark is closing in.”

“The Tide” is a piece that speaks to any problem, challenge or fear. It the inspiration to follow any dream and wait for the right time to latch onto it. In perfect sync, “Criminal” is the battle drum to bring out the fighter in you, and is unlike any other on the album with its lack of lyrics.

“Boomerang” can only be described as a crowd surfing feel-good song, and can definitely bring you back to “Moodswings” again and again.

One of my favorites, though, is “If Only.” Simply put, it’s the only time you envy heartbreak. You’ll find yourself contemplating life when you listen.

“Moodswings” is everything we wish we could say. Some of the songs are on the shorter side, which only makes the album more authentic by making you feel the story rather than just listening to it. “Moodswings” is impossible not to love. If you do, keep it to yourself. It’s completely okay to be a closet fan.

Thank you to Ships Have Sailed. It’s beautifully haunting and an inspiring escape of musical genius from start to finish.

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