Lotus Effect – Totality Full-Length


We’ve talked about Lotus Effect a few times. They had the single “Totality” (complete with music video) that was promising for all hard rock fans searching for new music. We’ve compared them to the likes of Thrice and System of a Down, hoping those hard rocking vocals and distorted guitars would come across in the full album.

Well, the full-length album “Totality” has been released and it rocks just as hard as ever.

Photo: Ashley Hallock

We know the title song “Totality.” Another song that really stands out in this album is “Try Harder.” It’s a love lost song, but instead of getting sad and slow, we’ve got a screaming rage. There’s the outward : If you want  to bring me down, you must try harder. But there’s also an inward reminder: If I want to let you go, I must try harder. It’s lashing out to that person externally, but a reminder that moving on and healing starts inside: I wish I could forgive you and release you, but I’m filled with so much hate.

Then there’s the song “Pumapunku,” which is purely instrumental. There are no lyrics to tell you what to think. You can take it as you will and make your own story. Even though this album takes on the subjects of religion, science and love, you can take this song to reflect on your own ideas.

You can buy the new album right now.

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