Mark Mathews – Misspent Future


Singer-songwriter Mark Mathews has a unique sound that truly blends the genres of folk and garage-rock.  His EP from earlier this year, titled “Misspent Future,” features Mathews sounding like a rockabilly band on songs like “London Lives,” but indie-rock on “The Girl” and “Someone.”

His early EP, “Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride,” features some songs that sound like Bob Dylan with acoustic guitars and harmonious harmonicas. “It All Goes Out the Window” and “It’s Cool You Dig Me” are where Mathews sounds most like Dylan. Other songs on the EP “Candle in the Daylight” and “We Don’t Care,” sound like Mathews is channeling Creedence Clearwater Revival’s roots-rock vibe from the ‘60s with twangy guitar chords.

Listening to his work from 2008, in comparison to what he released earlier this year, you can see traces of Mathews’ folk roots throughout his work. “The Girl” begins with Mathews’ familiar guitar strings before being accompanied by a full drum kit. The track sounds like the kind of song played before the climax of an indie-romance movie, but it also has plenty of drive and groove to it.

Overall Mathews’ sound is a hybrid of indie folk and garage music at its core, but it’s still difficult to limit it to one genre. His work is best described as the kind of music you’d want to listen to on a road trip while you’re driving through the mountains. According to his site, we can expect a full-length debut album from Mathews later this year with a tour to support it.

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